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Which is better, silk satin or silk cotton?

Apr. 12, 2022
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   Silk satin is a kind of pure cotton, it is a high-quality pure cotton fabric, using standard pure cotton fabric, selected from the European and American fine fiber of ultra-long fiber cotton, every fiber is strictly controlled. According to everyone's normal knowledge, it belongs to 40 cotton satin series, and the yarn density is 144*76.

The advantages of Silk satin:

1. Using active printing and dyeing, the fabric has excellent dustproof performance, high cleanliness, bright color, long washing will not fade.

2. Using mercerizing treatment, make the fabric luster, and has a stable size, prevent shrinkage and pilling;

3. Adopting new weaving technology, the fabric is more intimate and softer.  

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Silk cotton is a kind of cotton fabric with 100% mulberry silk as raw material.

 Silk cotton is a green product. Silkworm silk because the growth of silkworm can not touch pesticides and other chemicals, absolutely will not have allergic adverse reactions to the human body, is the standard pollution-free products, the best natural filling material. Mulberry silk cotton has excellent air permeability, moisture absorption, moisture removal, heat preservation.

 Because the main component of silk is animal protein fiber, containing dozens of amino acids, so the silk cotton contact with human body, make human skin smooth, clean, promote the metabolism of human epidermal cells, have health care effect on the skin.

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   Characteristics of silk cotton:

   1. It has excellent human biocompatibility. Silk fabric is not only the main raw material for silk weaving, but also can be used to make artificial blood vessels. Silk is a protein similar to keratin and collagen.

   2. It keeps the moisture balance of the skin. The silk quilt made of mulberry silk is not only soft and close-fitting, warm and breathable, but also green and healthy. The hygroscopicity of silk is 1.5 times that of cotton and 1.8 times that of wool, making it a good treatment for the elderly with dry skin. Mulberry silk fabric is the best material for making silk quilt.

   3. Good extensibility, good heat resistance, salt water corrosion resistance. Silkworm silk fabric is a natural animal protein fiber, is the main raw material of silk weaving, smooth, soft, shiny, warm in winter and cool in summer, there is a unique "silk sound" phenomenon when rubbing, should not be treated with chlorine bleach or detergent.

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