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What Is CVC Fabric?

Apr. 14, 2021
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What Is CVC Fabric?

CVC fabric refers to a "chief value cotton" fabric made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton is a natural fabric, and when it is combined with synthetic fibers like polyester, this fabric is called CVC. Under normal circumstances, the content of cotton exceeds 50% of the total combination with polyester. A CVC fabric can be made of 55% or 80% cotton, and the remaining percentage represents the amount of polyester used.

Although people generally tend to use cotton cloth, textile making companies often combine polyester with cotton cloth for various reasons. One of the reasons is to make clothes more durable. Cotton itself is considered to be very soft, it is easy to deform and shrink. For example, pure cotton shirts, 100% cotton, may be cool to the skin and provide great comfort, but after repeated use and washing, the shirts are easily deformed and they are more likely to shrink. Combining polyester and cotton cloth together will make clothes more durable and have less chance of deformation and shrinkage. This is why it is best to use CVC fabrics for many work clothes and school uniforms. Daily use and washing will put a lot of pressure on the fabric. Due to the existence of polyester, uniforms and clothes will become more durable and not easily torn. With the needs of daily activities, people will welcome clothes that can be worn for a long time.

Other textile manufacturers also prefer CVC fabrics because of their lower production costs. Cotton is a naturally-derived fabric, which is more expensive to produce than synthetic or man-made polyester. By combining cotton with polyester, fabric sheets create less expense for textile manufacturers. And because CVC fabric is cheap due to its polyester content, many people also refer to CVC fabric as "the Poor Man's Cotton."

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