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The Importance of Shirt Fabric

Oct. 13, 2020
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Shirting FabricThere are various brands of Shirting Fabric, and the fabrics of the same brand are constantly changing, so how to choose the most suitable fabric?

Most people pay attention to the color of fabrics, and choosing fabrics is far from that simple. It depends on other professional indicators. Shirting Fabric supplier teaches you how to distinguish.


Fabric count

The fabric count refers to the thick thread of the thread, which is marked with S, such as 100S, also called 100. In the case of cotton origin, single/double strands, weaving method, textile mill, etc., the higher the count per unit area, the thinner the thread, the thinner the fabric, and the higher the price.

A shirt of 80-120 is enough, and 140 yarns of pure cotton fabric are very thin. If you wear a shirt in the summer, you will feel too thin and uncomfortable. Pure cotton fabric itself is easy to wrinkle, and woven high count yarn is more serious. Of course, if someone can help you take care of it, you don't have to mind.


Fabric weight

Fabric weight refers to the weight of one square meter of fabric and is an important index to measure the thickness or density of the fabric. The weight should not be too high. If it is too low, it will be thinner and look bad.


Fabric weave

Plain weave

Plain weave has a smooth feel and thinner fabric. White plain weave shirts are the most formal, but they are more prone to wrinkles and are not easy to take care of.


Twill fabric will make the color of the fabric brighter. Because the twill weave method is quite special, it is harder and straighter than the plain weave, and of course it will be thicker and not easy to wrinkle.

Latitude and longitude

The different colors of warp and weft are woven with two different colors of materials for warp and weft, so that it looks monochromatic from a distance, but it has textures at close up.


Fabric color

White is almost the standard for business men, because white looks more formal and versatile, but white shirts are difficult to care for. Don't wear white shirts yellow and old.

The importance of blue is similar to that of white, and it is also a standard business color. Blue will make people more youthful and vigorous. At the same time, some textures make the details richer, subtle and restrained.

Gray is more neutral, calm and stylish, and also very textured. It can be used for business and leisure.

Pink is not exclusive to girls. Men can also wear pink shirts. Pink will make people look clean and beautiful. It is more suitable for people with white skin.

Purple also tends to be neutral, with aristocratic mystery and gentleman style.


Fabric pattern

When customizing fabrics, you can observe the texture of the fabrics from multiple angles, which can generally be divided into plain colors, stripes and checks. Plain color is the safer business choice, and it is also the most conservative. Stripes and checks need to be treated specifically, and choosing the right one can add a lot of points.

Striped pattern

The stripes are thick, with wide intervals, and the colors are bright, and they are also obvious in the distance. This kind of shirt is relatively high-profile and is not suitable for particularly serious business occasions.

A striped shirt with pinstripes and densely spaced spaces, looks like stripes at close range and solid color at a distance. It has vitality and does not look exaggerated. Relatively low-key.

As long as the distance between the lines is not too large and the lines are not too thick, the style of this men’s shirt is acceptable, the safest ratio of stripes, the spacing between stripes is less than 1cm, and the arrangement is regular, the width of the lines is very Clear, like lines drawn with a mechanical pencil, not easy to make mistakes, it is recommended.

Plaid pattern

Plaid shirts often give people a casual feel, but it also needs to be distinguished in details. If there is a small and conservative grid, there is no problem in formal business occasions, but if the grid area is too large, it is too casual to fit a solemn atmosphere, such as work. Plaid is a very good holiday and leisure time wear.

As one of the close-fitting clothing, the shirt now has a more fashionable atmosphere. The high-quality natural animal and plant fiber silk, long-staple cotton, linen, not only comfortable to wear, but also more in line with the needs of human health, breathable and sweat-absorbent custom shirts for you Body shape with different styles of suits, ties, leather shoes, can show the gentleman style of men.

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